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Please see below for answers to the most common questions that prospective customers have.  Give us a call if you have any additional questions.

How does a filter remove the allergens?

About every two hours 100% of the air in your home goes through your HVAC system—whether you are heating or air-conditioning your air passes through the system.  Air going in is full of allergens – as mentioned in the ABOUT FILTERS page – harmful bacteria floating around from sneezes and coughs, as well as pollutants from dust, dust mites, and other foul nasty “floaters”.  As the air travels through these ultimate filters, allergens are trapped and held at bay while only the “clean-healthy air” is allowed to pass back through for you to breath.   Pretty amazing, when you think about it.

Where are these filters located that need to be changed?

Look inside your return vents.  Usually these are on the wall or in the ceiling.  There should be small clips allowing the vent to swing open on hinges, so that you can remove and install filters.  You might also find a system located in a closet with a return vent connected directly to the unit.

** If the return vent is directly connected to your unit in this manner: YOU MUST TURN OFF UNIT AT BREAKER BOX each time during filter change due to the danger of electrocution from the metal frame.

How do filters help on my energy bills?

Energy bills skyrocket when the air passing back through HVAC units is full of allergens --because these not only are bad for your health, but also tend to clog up the machinery --making it struggle to keep up with the continual air-flow.

Why do I need or want a metal frame?

A metal frame holds the filter material securely in place and does not allow chance of filter being sucked up into the unit – which could mean costly repairs.  Also the metal frame is reusable for life, so certainly adds to environmental health.

Why would I change a filter that appears clean?

Statistics show that changing a filter every 30 days allows production of continual fresh air.  When changing the Poly….Central Texas filter, optimal clean air is enhanced when filter is changed before allergen build up.  Hence, every 30 days allows you to keep a check on the allergens and maintain healthy air for your family.  So if you see light brown or a darker residue on your present filter you know you have waited too long and those allergens are possibly processing back into home air.

Do we take credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  While we are not set up to accept payment online, we do take credit card payments over the phone and can sign you up for a monthly subscription using your credit card.