Instructional Videos

Measure for CENTEX Metal frame filter:

Most homes have 1-2 filters and these filters come in various sizes.

*Some homes have two return vents that will need filters.

Measuring for our metal frame is pretty simple.  Open up you return vent – remove filter that is there.

Look to see if there are inside screws holding that vent in place – usually one screw on each side.  View the Video above for demonstration.  Now measure from screw to screw.  That is the frame and filter size you will order.

*Rule of thumb:  If you previously purchased a 20”x20”x1 cardboard filter you will need at 19 ½”x19 1/2”x1 metal frame and filter.  That lets the frame fit tightly while allowing for the inside screws.

(Some units may be 2”wide)

For maximum productivity - Install filters monthly as they arrive.

Install CENTEX Filter:

Install Replacement Filter: