Central Texas Filter Service Installations would like to become your HVAC air filter provider. For 28 years, our high quality materials and workmanship have afforded savings on high energy bills and costly maintenance throughout Texas.  After evaluating your facility's environment and measuring your air units, we will custom make metal frames for each unit. These frames seal up the unit and give you 100% filtration.

Providing friendly service and "fresh air" at a rate that is more cost effective than trying to purchase an equivalent polyester filter is of utmost importance to us.  Cheap filters cost money in higher maintenance and energy bills.

Currently, we service HVAC air filters of commercial, industrial, and government facilities throughout Central Texas.  We would like to add you to our "Fresh Air Family."

Thank you for your consideration.

Darrell Wallace, Route & Sales Supervisor



*Businesses are quoted on site due to commercial needs.

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